A picture is worth a thousand words. Feelings, expression, history, landscape, emotion…a look, a familiar face, a door, a tree, parts of nature are all fodder for the artist’s eye to explore and interpret. What makes this collection distinctive? Art Quilt Network members are always telling stories “WITHOUT A WORD.” What story is being whispered in a breeze through birch trees, or behind a worn barn door? Who is in this portrait and where will that arch take you? Perhaps a secret of a hidden romance, a declaration of a lifetime friend, a longing for a new love, a hope to live one more year, the joy of a new child, the surprise of a bloom, experimenting with a technique or raising a traditional process. These stories and others will engage your thoughts. AQN members have found a plethora of topics to make statements “WITHOUT A WORD.” This collection of new work is our latest story.

We invite you to take that journey with us. Maybe you will find your own story within our work.