Like a child of mixed races, my work is a hybrid not necessarily at home or accepted by either culture. And for me, I think that feels better than being like the others. I think I like to run along the perimeters like a bit of a wild thing, embracing my difference from the status quo. I know the accepted ways bore me and make me itch to rebel, to breathe!

I’ve been making what I now see as Outsider Art Quilts since 1980, and my current work, coming through a natural progression of development, has turned full circle, to look a LOT like the paintings I was making as a young woman. Only now they have writing all over them. Oh, and you can fold them up, since they’re soft, because I’ve kept the quilt format I’ve been using for many years now.

My work is painted (and sewn) on fabric, but not fastened to stretcher bars, like it was when it was painted on canvas, when I was young. (OK, I admit I still like to paint on stretched canvas sometimes, too, but I keep those pieces small, coz I’m not about to build wooden crates for my big pieces! Those babies are “quilts.”)

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