Susan Shie
Susan Shie




I’m a feminist and social activist, committed to using my art to document not just the life around me, but also everything up to full world events.  I love to mix the personal and political topics and images in my diary quilts, which I’ve been making since the early 80s.  My BA from The College of Wooster in 1981 and my MFA from the School of Art at Kent State University in 1986 are both in mixed media painting (art quilts.)  Miriam Schapiro, a feminist painter from NYC mentored me, while I was an undergrad, and we became pen pals.  I have always been proud to be a Woman Artist.  Women hold up half the sky … at least.  I’m a pacifist, but I believe we have to defend democracy and the Earth, and we need to talk about what’s going on.  We need to save and protect our Earth and all who live here, in Peace.

I also teach freehand non-judged drawing to women, because I believe that unjudged drawing is one of the best ways to heal ourselves, by reducing stress really well.  Draw like you did, when you were little, when you KNEW you were a genius!  You still are!  Get back to drawing and not judging it, and you’ll be so happy! 

Making art is good for everyone.



Daphne's Sisters 2023 59"x62"
Fearless Girls 2017 60"x48"
Guenveur and Madeleine 2022 60"x63"