Shelley Brenner Baird





An archivist by instinct, I collect and create images to construct a visual vocabulary.  I make non-literal narratives, finding connections and catalysts that tell a story in time and place with people, objects, marks and layers.

My working habits and processes originate from my formal studies in printmaking, painting/drawing, photography, graphic design and textiles.  I am idea-driven, not process or materials-driven.  I view processes as tools in my toolbox.

Instead of a sketchbook, I keep an idea book of words, concepts, titles and newspaper headlines.  I never sketch or plan extensively as I like spontaneity and don’t mind being taken in totally unexpected directions.

CONTEXT Detail from a dyed, screened pieced textile 44x43
VAWA Political yard signs 82x72
THE IMPORTANCE OF SCARS #3 screen printed and stitched 49x33