Petra Fallaux
Petra Fallaux


My approach to textile work is grounded in abstract art. Contemporary painting, graphic design, and architecture are major influences. My ongoing pieced art quilt series, Formations, embodies my credo of shape, color, and simplicity. The shapes I use in Formations recall the geometry of the land parcels that I see when biking on a Dutch dike. Colors combine the infinite variations of Dutch grey skies, juxtaposed with rich bulb colors. My more recent series of printed textiles have been widely exhibited. Whole cloth monoprints, screen prints, and paper lamination prints are combined and layered with additional dye to evoke the deep longing for both the coastal and polder landscapes of my home country. They are often connected and punctuated, or perhaps severed, by a stark line representing the Dutch horizon.


Dutch native Petra Fallaux is an artist, writer, and curator, based in Pittsburgh, PA.

When not in her studio, she helps direct Springboard Design, an architecture, planning and design firm whose work includes museum, exhibition, and public interest design. Petra has juried many textile exhibitions. She will be the sole juror in 2024 for Artist as Quiltmaker (AQM XX) in Oberlin, Ohio, and has had the great honor of jurying Quilt Visions, 2022, Quilt=Art=Quilt, 2019, and Quilt National, 2017. Her writing has been published in Art Quilt Quarterly, Surface Design Journal, and Fiberart Now. For the catalogue of Circular Abstractions: Bull’s Eyes Quilts, she contributed an in-depth analytical essay on the exhibition’s fifty pieced quilts. Petra earned a Master of Arts Management degree from Carnegie Mellon University and went on to direct Carnegie Mellon’s contemporary art gallery for over a decade, curating well over one hundred exhibitions in a variety of media, ranging from quilts, paintings, prints, photography, sculpture, video, architecture, and design, to multi-media and site-specific installations.