Pat Owoc
Pat Owoc




My childhood was spent on a farm where I knew that we humans were temporary, that it was the land that was important, that land would be forever. A strong sense of stewardship of the land governed my father’s treatment of the acres that he held. I felt a kinship to the individuals who had farmed the land before us, and to those who would care for it when we left. I now live in a city many miles from that land and have raised a child with roots on the land and in the city. My memory and childhood soul are still rooted in that prairie dirt even though the land has been sold to another steward.

A connection to women and men who had died before I was born or for whom I have only fading childhood memories continues as I work with family portraits and with the antique glass negatives produced by my great-aunt near the turn of the century. Conditions on the western Kansas prairie with drought, sun, blizzards, insects, tornadoes, and hard physical labor with the possibility of crippling accidents created hardships for my ancestors and I am aware of this as I consider their lives.

I’ve been away too long to still be a part of the land of my childhood. Even so it remains a part of my artistic expression.


Professional Affiliations: Art Quilt Network, Art Saint Louis, Studio Art Quilt Associates, Surface Design Association

Owoc’s work has been selected for inclusion in numerous local and national juried and invitational shows including Quilt National and Sightlines (Studio Art Quilt Associates). Locations outside the United States include France, The Netherlands, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Republic of Congo. Art work is included in the collections of individuals, museums, and the United States Department of State’s Arts in Embassies program.


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