Nancy Condon

Nancy Condon



I make art out of an urge to create something meaningful. I work in fiber out of a need to connect to the past. I merge graphic imagery with the tactile qualities of fabric out of a desire to link the past, present and future. My artwork is an integral part of who I am. By referencing the complexity of the emotional, moral, social and economic realities in the imagery I use, I seek to process the parts into a cohesive whole.

The themes in my work are often about my experiences and my reactions to those experiences. I seek to make some kind of nonverbal sense out of the dance between my head and my heart.

I begin with an idea that usually takes me down a path I have not been before. I work in fabric and in paper. I pick up bits of garbage on my walks or as I sort the recycle, which I often use in my work. I take photos, of both the natural world and the garbage and other evidence of how humans have damaged it or each other.

I use a scanner and Photoshop to develop my imagery, which I often print on fabric. I also dye fabric or use found fabric. I begin each piece by establishing an internal dialogue with the subject matter and with the fabric. Eye, brain, hand and the materials I use all have a part to play in the dialogue.

Brain Scan
Nancy Condon "Hands All Around"
Nancy Condon “United”