Kevin Womack

Kevin Womack


I intend to cause the viewer some discomfort but ultimately seek stability. Quilts evoke feelings of comfort, safety, home and family. Though my subject matter and imagery may explore hard edges or uncomfortable feelings, I aim to balance this through the use of soft media. I draw inspiration from personal experiences, and in particular, the city of New Orleans. Examining the “hard” allows me to search for softness and to eventually reach an equilibrium.


Kevin Womack is a textile artist living in Lynchburg, Virginia. In 1986, he was introduced to quilting by his maternal grandmother. Having always loved the legacy of family quilts, he decided to have her teach him the tradition. He was hooked from the first stitch. Kevin is passionate about hand dyeing and patterning fabrics with surface design techniques. He produces a line of unique fabrics and clothing for sale. Kevin teaches and lectures nationally.

Growing Pains
Night Watch