Donalee Kennedy

Donalee Kennedy



I’m an abstract improv textile artist. What does that mean? I use fabric, paint, dyes, and thread to create vibrant and, colorful works of art that usually don’t fit neatly into any one category.  Instead, they embody a fusion of elements that challenge conventions and embrace the unexpected.

My artistic approach is akin to the way I used to create jewelry, where spontaneity reigned supreme. Rather than starting with a rigid plan, I allow the materials to guide me on an adventurous journey, eagerly exploring where the creative process takes me. This fluid and intuitive method infuses my art with deeply personal reactions and an element of surprise. No matter what medium I’m working in my result usually reflects my energetic enthusiasm, and passion for abundant beauty.

Texture plays a vital role in my work, and I love experimenting with different surface textures and materials. I often create my own designed fabrics from solid white fabric, adding layers of depth to the narrative of each piece. While I occasionally employ traditional techniques, I relish the opportunity to push the boundaries of textiles by incorporating unexpected and unconventional materials.

When I step back and look at a completed work, if it fills me with an immense sense of joy and delight, I’m happy. The contrast of bold “brushstrokes” & delicate hand stitching, along with unexpected colors interplay to create my work.

Join me on this enchanting artistic journey, where playfulness and creativity intertwine.

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