Deborah Fell
Deborah Fell




My art is a reaction to my world and my experiences. Materials include cloth, paint, repurposed found objects and stitching. Layering, organic mark-making and line are prominent elements in my work. I allow myself to listen to the art. I follow where it takes me and the process of creating continues to teach me to be honest and to have the courage to keep moving forward.



Deborah Fell is a full time studio artist committed to the art quilt medium. She is a professional member of the Studio Art Quilt Associates and ArtQuilt Network. Deborah’s art focuses on abstract, organic shapes while using surface treatment such as dyeing and painting fabric. Deborah has been a professional educator for over 30 years. Besides teaching at risk high school students in a public high school setting, Deborah has taught various art workshops at national symposiums, community college and continuing education.

Deborah obtained a Masters degree from Northern Illinois University as well as graduate work at University of Illinois, University of New Hampshire and a fellowship at Northwestern University. In the fall of 2011 Deborah received an artist-in-residence at the Mendocino Arts Center in Mendocino, California. In 2012.

Deborah started teaching art quilt related courses at the University of Illinois through OLLI program. The winter 2012 issue of Art Quilting Studio features Deborah’s work on the front cover. In 2013 Deborah will be an Artist-in-Residence at Figure One Gallery in Champaign, IL.



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