Barb Alexander Schlagbaum

Barb Alexander Schlagbaum




I have been an artist my whole life.  My day job was art teacher to inspiring  children.  My media focus included mostly oils and watercolors until my first G baby was born.  Baby blankets lead to pictorial wall hangings.  Fabric became like paint for me.

Now I’m into all things tropical with my fabrics and paints.  Batik fabrics are my inspiration, but fabric paint is taking me back to watercolor techniques on cotton.  

My compositions usually combine pictorial and design elements as seen in my original quilt pattern cut from Four Sunsets painted on cotton.  My quilt pattern is constantly challenging me to try various fabrics in this pattern composition.  My Dancing Sunset with silks and satins challenged me to use shapes and composition for a pictorial effect.

My silks, satins, synthetic textured materials, ribbons, and beads inspire me with visions of Seasiderhythmic waves blessed by the sun.

For me tropical life is beyond the ordinary and should be reflected in my designs.

Four Sunsets
Dancing Sunset